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If you are considering a private adoption and wish to have legal representation, one of the highly skilled family law attorneys at Malik & Associates, PLLC can be there to guide you every step of the way. With experience handling adoptions in Texas, we have successfully managed private adoptions for individuals while also handling various legal matters regarding adoptions for families and third parties. Our technical and tenacious attorneys are the right choice to handle your adoption case.

Helping Families in Texas with Private Adoptions

Making the decision to adopt a child and give them a forever home is not a decision to be hastily made. It is a decision that requires thoughtful and careful consideration and an understanding of the often-complicated adoption laws and process. Whether you are working with an adoption agency or going it alone, you risk making legal mistakes that could jeopardize your adoption. The many trained family law attorneys at Malik & Associates, PLLC are experienced with the laws of adoption and processes of Texas courts. With a trained adoption attorney at your side, you can rest easy knowing you are on the right legal path to smoothly completing your adoption process and giving your child a forever home.

Guidance Through the Legal Adoption Process

From our offices in Texas, we represent families throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas with:

  • Private adoptions. Our lawyers can assist you through the process of adopting a child, with or without the help of an adoption agency.
  • Stepparent adoptions. Our lawyers can assist you through the process of establishing a stepparent’s legal rights as a parent of their spouse's child.
  • Third-party adoptions. Our lawyers can assist you through third-party adoptions, also known as relative adoptions, where a grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle or other family member seeks to adopt a family member.
  • Termination of parental rights. Our lawyers can assist you if you are a parent whose rights have been terminated by the courts. Alternatively, we can help if you are seeking to have the rights of your child’s other parent terminated.

Attorneys Malik & Associates, PLLC will counsel, defend, and handle your adoption case as if it were our own.

Put Our Experienced Adoption Attorneys to Work for You

Whether you are looking to become adoptive parents and give a child a forever home, or you are the relative of a child who feels their parental rights have been terminated unlawfully, the trained lawyers at Malik & Associates, PLLC, can help. If you need high quality adoption legal services, give Malik & Associates PLLC a call at 214-881-2100 or fill out our form online to schedule your consultation today. You deserve the right to be represented and receive counsel by a competent team who is on your side and will fight for you and your family.

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