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Deportation and Removal Defense

Under the current presidential administration, many are finding themselves at risk of being “removed” or deported from the United States. Who is subject to deportation? Anyone who is physically present in the United States but is not a legal U.S. citizen can potentially be subject to removal or deportation.

Removal proceedings can be triggered by numerous events, Individuals that are potentially subject to deportation from the United States can be at risk of being placed into deportation processing from a local traffic violation, student visa issue, or even prior criminal offense. Under this administration even current permanent residents have been placed into deportation situations. The proceedings are numerous and varied.

Trying to understand and survive deportation proceedings is a difficult process. The experienced immigration attorneys at Malik & Associates, PLLC have tried and successfully defended against numerous deportation cases in immigration court and can assist you and your family through this process. The deportation defense attorneys at Malik & Associates, PLLC have tried numerous deportation cases in immigration court over the course of years and can assist you and your family through this process as well. If you are facing deportation or removal, contact Malik & Associates, PLLC so we can find a solution before it is too late.

Deportation and Removal Defense - Services Offered

In addition to having tried many deportation cases throughout the state, our lawyers have taken countless appeals to higher courts. With a specialized focus on U.S. Immigration law, we are able to provide our clients with efficient and effective immigration representation whether for you individually or for your family, and help you navigate challenging deportation proceedings.

These are just some of the deportation and removal defense services we provide at Malik & Associates, PLLC:

  • EOIR (Immigration Court)
  • Cancellation of removal
  • Withholding of Removal
  • Terminating or administratively closing removal proceedings
  • Motions to reopen and to reconsider
  • Adjustment of status and readjustment of status
  • Voluntary departure
  • Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
  • Bond Hearings
  • ICE Check-Ins
  • ICE Detainers – ICE Holds

Appeals Process in a Deportation Case

When a person does not agree with the ruling of the immigration judge, they can appeal the decision. Deportation cases are evaluated on the basis and strength of legal arguments made in a written brief that is submitted to the Court. Our seasoned attorneys have had significant experience and success in these practices, and are able to use their substantial knowledge of immigration law to make the best, most persuasive argument possible for you. Malik & Associates, PLLC’ deportation attorneys have a vast and detailed knowledge of immigration laws and immigration cases and they may be able to make the best, most persuasive argument possible for you. Contact us today.

Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help

Want specific answers to your deportation defense law related questions, including deportation defense costs and other immigration queries? If you need high quality deportation defense legal services, including family immigration, business immigration, and appeals, give us a call at 214-881-2100 or fill out our form online to discuss your case. A Malik & Associates, PLLC deportation defense attorney or counselor at law can help you determine whether your rights have been violated under any laws. You deserve the right to be represented and receive defense counsel by a competent team who is on your side and will fight for you and your family.

Malik & Associates, PLLC provides Services and representation to its clients for US Immigrations needs in the entire United States (we travel for your hearings or interviews), throughout the whole world and including but not limited to the following areas in Texas.

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