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Enhancing DACA Renewals: A Call for Expedited Processes

In a recent appeal, twenty-seven Democrats and one independent senator have urged the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to accelerate the processing of renewal applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This collective push, led by notable figures such as Sens. Dick Durbin and Alex Padilla, highlights growing concerns over the elongated wait times that have significantly increased from fiscal year 2022 to 2024, with the current year experiencing a staggering 90% increase in wait times compared to 2023. This uptick in processing times is juxtaposed against a surge in applications, creating a bottleneck that threatens the stability and legal standing of DACA recipients.

The senators' letter points out a critical aspect of the renewal process that contributes to the anxieties faced by DACA recipients. Currently, the practice of USCIS is to commence the renewal period from the date of approval rather than from the expiration date of the previous period. This approach not only shortens the effective duration of DACA status for many but also places recipients at risk of "accruing unlawful presence," potentially rendering them ineligible for other immigration benefits. The letter, therefore, urges USCIS to reconsider its renewal policy to mitigate undue harm to DACA recipients by aligning the start date of renewed DACA status with the expiration of the previous period.

The backdrop to this appeal is a legal landscape marked by uncertainty, notably highlighted by a September ruling from a Texas federal judge. This ruling deemed President Joe Biden's attempt to formalize DACA through regulation—as opposed to the executive action initiated by former President Barack Obama—as unlawful, maintaining the program's status but barring new applications. This legal contention underscores the precarious position of DACA recipients, further exacerbated by processing delays that add layers of instability and uncertainty to their lives. Notably, the ruling allows for the continued processing of renewal applications, a provision that the senators' appeal seeks to optimize for the benefit of DACA recipients.

This appeal comes at a time when the DACA program faces significant threats, not just from ongoing litigation but also from political arenas, with figures like former presidential candidate Donald Trump voicing intentions to end the program. Such threats compound the urgency for USCIS to streamline and expedite the renewal process, ensuring DACA recipients can maintain their status without the added burden of legal uncertainties and processing delays.

The DACA program serves as a critical lifeline for many, offering protections and opportunities to individuals who have grown up and contributed significantly to American society. As such, the call for expedited renewal processes is more than a procedural request; it's a plea for the preservation of stability, security, and fairness for the hundreds of thousands of individuals whose lives and futures are intertwined with the DACA program. The Biden administration's appeal and the ongoing litigation in the Fifth Circuit further illustrate the complex legal battles surrounding DACA, highlighting the need for clear, efficient, and humane administrative processes that recognize the urgency and significance of DACA renewals in the broader context of immigration law and policy.

As the landscape of immigration law continues to evolve, agencies like USCIS must adapt and respond to the changing needs and challenges faced by immigrants, particularly those protected under programs like DACA. The call from the senators is not just a request for efficiency; it's a call to uphold the values of fairness and compassion that are foundational to the American immigration system.

Based on the article "Dems Urge Biden Admin To Pick Up Pace Of DACA Renewals" by Courtney Bublé, published on Law360.

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